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My Favourite Elegant Tulips

My favourite elegant tulips have stunning petals in unusual colours.  They are the stars of the garden in mid to late spring.  Depending on the weather, they last only a few weeks but are well worth it.  Keep them watered to get the best from them.   Most tulips like a lot of sun.  When the petals finally droop, cut the seed pod off and let all the rest of the foliage go yellow.  This regenerates the bulb for a strong flower next year.  These are some of my favourites.

Almost black Queen of the Night elegant tulips

Elegant dark Queen of the Night tulips





Tulipa  ‘Queen of the Night’

Under a cloudy sky these are almost black.  In sun, they have a deep claret tint.  The petals are exquisitely shaped with a smooth rounded edge.   They grow to about 60 cm tall, with a single flower on tall stems. Surely one of the most elegant tulips.  They look beautiful against new bright green foliage.  Use the dark colour to contrast with soft yellows of late narcissus or the bright orange of lily flowered Tulipa ‘Ballerina’.

Elegant 'Queen of the Night' tulip

Bright sun gives a claret tinge to dark ‘Queen of the Night’


Tulipa ‘Spring Green’

With a streak of green through apple-white petals, these are unusual and elegant tulips. They grow to about 45 cm tall.  Group these to contrast with red tulips to provide a stunning display.  The bright scarlet Tulip ‘Apeldoorn’  would be a beautiful choice.

Elegant Tulips 'Spring Green' with splash of bright green on apple white petals

Elegant tulips with splash of spring green


Tulipa clusiana  ‘Cynthia’

How lovely are these!

Slim elegant Tulipa clusiana 'Cynthia'

Tulipa clusiana ‘Cynthia’









With carmine-rose petals, they have pale yellow margins and are limey-yellow inside. They are slim and about 25 cm tall,  lovely in pots or in front of a sunny bank.  They would also work well in a rock or gravel garden.


Tulipa ‘Burgundy’

A lily-flowered variety, these are most elegant tulips, shaped like a fluted vase.  The sun shines through the petals to reveal slight linear markings.  They look dark before the sun illuminates them.  In the sun, they open right up to show their markings.  They grow to about 50cm.

Lily flowered Tulipa 'Burgundy'

Sun illuminating Tulipa ‘Burgundy’