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Wildlife Water Garden, Finchley including Rill and Pools

Finchley - Water cascade reflection in rill with dark slate paving

Water cascade reflection in rill

This restful wildlife water garden in Finchley has four watery elements.  The square upper pool discharges over a stainless-steel chute and the cascade falls gently into the rill. This flows to a shallow diamond-shaped pool.  In the corner of the garden is a pond set in an area dedicated to wildlife.



Rill and Pools

Finchley Garden - Subtle green lights illuminate the rill

Subtle green lights illuminate the rill

Water circulates through the shallow rill and lower pool.  The base of the rill and lower pool is covered with flat green pebbles. Frogs enjoy paddling and basking in the lower pool and birds can wash and take a drink.  At night, soft green lights provide subtle illumination. The water is filtered and pumped up to the upper pool.  The sides and top of the upper pool are clad with black slate and the edges form an informal bench.



Black slate paving looks black when wet and mid grey when dry. It contributes to the restful feeling of the garden. The green lawn and green planting contrast well with the dark paving. The hexagonal shapes set off the geometric elements of the water garden.


Ogee Arbour

Finchley Garden - Ogee Arbour with rambling roses and seating

Black Ogee arbour with rambling roses

The ‘S’ shaped arch goes to a point (the shape is  ‘Ogee’) and gives a tall interesting structure for climbing plants.  The arbour encloses bench seating and a table.  Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ will cover it with creamy-white scented flowers in summer.  Red rose hips provide food for birds. All the elements are black powder-coated metal and match the black fencing and sheds.




Wildlife Water Garden

Finchley Garden - wildlife water garden with rill, pools, meadow and fernery

Wildlife water garden with rill, pools, meadow and fernery

Small mammals and birds visit the wildlife water garden. They enjoy the cover of the small meadow and the seed heads for winter food.  Insects, including rare stag beetles, make the most of hiding places in the fernery among wooden logs and tree stumps.  Frogs and insects love the wildlife pond too.  The pond plants include lemon water lilies, white Lizards Tails and blue iris.


Hedging and Plants for Wildlife

Finchley Garden - Frog enjoys the wildlife pond!

Frog enjoys the wildlife pond!

Mixed hedging with flowers and berries includes hawthorn, pyracantha, Darwin’s barberry, spindle and Portugal laurel.  A rowan, red crab apple and cotoneasters provide winter berries for birds.  Bees love the meadow flowers, abelias, thyme, lavender and foxgloves and there is plenty for butterflies too!