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Side Gardens


Lattice trellis with rose obelisks and underplanting

Lattice trellis with rose obelisks and underplanting

A corner plot provides a great opportunity to develop a side access into a useful and attractive side garden which links the front and back gardens.  We included a new screened boundary in our design for this side garden in Mill Hill and light paving to give a bright aspect for sitting out.



Mill Hill Garden

Boundary Hedging and Fences

The side garden is next to a residential road and has a protected hawthorn hedge inside mesh fencing along its boundary. The hedge has been pruned and supplemented with new hawthorns for greater density.  It is on a raised bank with retaining sleepers and a new lattice trellis fence on the inside provides extra privacy.

Planting Design for Screening and Interest 

Obelisk with Rosa 'Golden Showers'

Obelisk with Rosa ‘Golden Showers’

Variegated Euonymus ‘Silver Queen’ , cone shaped Box plants and rose obelisks planted with Rosa ‘Golden Showers’ will grow to provide good coverage against the lattice screen.





Heucheras, geraniums and Stipa

Lively plant combination of heucheras and geraniums

These shrubs are interplanted with Heuchera ‘Lime Marmalade’, Geranium ‘Max Frei’, Stipa tenuissima and thymes. The scheme is cheerful and provides a long period of interest.





Patio and Pathway

Pathway to shed, gaTe and veg area

Limestone paving to shed, veg area and gate

We chose Vintage Limestone as a robust and light paving. The side garden is wide enough to have a patio area on to the lawn at the rear of the property.   The sunny end even has space to grow some vegetables and herbs. Beside the vegetable area is a useful shed and attractive gate and railings which match the front of the property.