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Porcelain Terrace and Sunken Steps

Pale grey exterior tiles make a stunning porcelain terrace and sunken steps.  They work beautifully to set –off this lovely Victorian house. The elegant steps lead down to the lower patio which benefits from late afternoon sun.

Sunken porcelain steps

Sunken steps, tiled in pale grey porcelain.

Porcelain Terrace and Sunken Steps – Whetstone

Replacing a sheer rockery edge with steep steps down to a flat terraced area, this design uses gentle slopes and banked borders instead.  The new terrace is spacious with a barbecue and dining area. The steps are sunken into the lawn and are almost concealed by it.  The low step heights make them an easy path to the lower patio.  The rolling lawn also provides a place to play.

Large terrace with pale grey porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiled terrace with dining and barbecue area


Sunny free-draining banks are perfect for long stemmed Lavendula x intermedia ‘Grosso’ and purple salvias.  In late spring, the star of the show is a pale yellow daisy – Anthemis tinctoria ‘Sauce Hollandaise’.  Sun-loving evergreen hebes provide year-round structure.  Grasses, herbs and pale yellow roses complement the scheme.

Porcelain sunken steps with pale yellow daisies

Pale yellow daises in bloom either side of the sunken steps


Porcelain tiles match those in the kitchen area to give a seamless experience between inside and out.  Exterior tiles have an embossed surface to provide a good grip for walking.  Careful preparation of the base for the tiles is essential as are the right falls to avoid water collection.  Porcelain is impermeable and stainproof.  Maintenance is simple, needing only a wash with soapy water or a hose.  The sunken steps are paved in the same tiles to complete the elegant design.

Elegant, porcelain tiled steps, sunken into lawn

Elegant, porcelain tiled steps, sunken into lawn