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Living Wall

In the smallest of spaces, a green living wall creates instant impact.  It connects us to nature and gives us an ever-changing ‘plant painting’.  Just having a show of plants at close range provides a feeling of well-being and interest. 

Carpet of lush planting on living wall

Carpet of lush planting on living wall

Living Wall – Islington

Hanging on a sturdy metal-framed fence, this living wall is the outlook through beautiful new patio doors of a flat in Islington.  It uses rigid planting boxes with special substrate and an automatic irrigation system.  It is very easy to maintain.

Planting in progress, shows troughs of living wall

Planting in progress, shows troughs of living wall







I thought of the planting design as a green textured carpet with a simple flowing pattern of plum heucheras and green Heucherella ‘Tapestry’ which has lovely dark markings.  The strappy leaves of liriope give an extra dimension and flutter in the breeze.  The fern, Polystichum blepharum provides a dark green backdrop of glossy leaves.

Most of the planting is evergreen so that the living wall looks good all year.   The lower levels get very little sunlight, so shade loving plants are used.   Flowering interest is provided by delicate pink and white plumes from the heuchera and heucherella,  blue flowers of ajuga and Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ and white flowers of the silver cascading Convulvulus cneorum.    As the plants grow, the living wall will be completely covered with foliage.

Detail of planting in the living wall

Ferns and liriope add texture, pale pink flowers of heucherella add interest.

Family Garden with Adventure Tower

Family Garden with Adventure Tower

Newly finished garden with lawn and play surface

Newly finished garden with lawn and play surface

This family garden with an adventure tower also has a rubber play surface and lawn area.  A sunny sitting area and a small area for vegetables are reached by stepping stones through a herb lawn. The garden is in Islington and also has high listed walls and trees which must be protected.



Islington Family Garden

Adventure Tower

Bespoke Adventure Tower Design

Adventure tower design

The adventure tower is located around a mature sycamore tree giving it some of the feeling of a tree house. It has two decks, an access ladder and a rope scramble net.  Our bespoke design addressed European safety standards, ease of construction and a pleasing appearance in the garden. Most importantly the children love it!



Bespoke Adventure Tower viewed from Sitting Area

Bespoke adventure tower viewed from sitting area






Play Surface

A recycled rubber surface in two colours gives a safe, bright and well-drained play area close to the house.  It can be used soon after rain and is easily kept clean.

Shady Lawn

The garden is north-facing and shaded by mature trees so is not the best location for a lawn.  We chose a Poa supina grass turf which will tolerate low levels of light, reasonable wear and drought.

Herb Lawn

Herb Lawn - new plants will spread to make a carpet.

Herb Lawn – new plants will spread to make a carpet

Herb lawns are also better in sun.  We chose low growing plants that like shade at the shady end –alchemilla and mitella,  and camomile and thyme at the sunny end.  In the middle, we have a small evergreen geranium.  It is an experiment to see what grows best and can be adapted as needed.

The lawn is crossed by stepping stones from the re-used York stone copings on the previous retaining wall.