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Contemporary Raised Planter and Bench Seat

The crisp lines of this contemporary raised planter with built-in bench seat are set-off by the stylish porcelain plank paving.  The subtle grey colours of the tiles are echoed in the seat and the privacy screen behind the planter.

Contemporary raised planter with built-in seat

Contemporary raised planter with built-in seat

Contemporary Raised Planter – Muswell Hill

The planter is constructed from blockwork which is rendered and painted.  It has a matching wall section behind it with painted slatted screens above the wall. The top and top inside edges of the planter are finished with porcelain planks to match the paving. These faces are easily cleaned to keep the contemporary raised planter looking good.


Built-in Bench Seat

Contemporary built-in bench seat

Buiilt-in bench seat profiled for comfort

The bench is constructed the same way as the planter and attached to it.  The wooden slats of the seat are gently angled for comfort and painted in the same colour as the screen.   The contemporary raised planter and bench feature adds height and interest to the garden. It is used often as a place to sit in the sun in this garden in Muswell Hill.




Sun-loving sage, other culinary herbs, lavender, Verbena ‘Lollipop’, and Achillea fill the planter with scent and colour.  Rosa ‘Compassion’ and a white passion flower will climb-up the wall and screen.  Opposite the planter, is a pebble bed with box balls and pink and violet-flowered penstemons, scabious, salvia, geraniums and gaura.

Pebble-bed in contemporary porcelain patio

Planted pebble bed complements porcelain plank paving

Paving and Pebbles

Planks of grey wood-effect exterior porcelain tiles match the interior kitchen tiles.  The shadows and light on the tiles give a beautiful effect.  They are easily cleaned and are complemented with pink, grey and white flamingo pebbles around the edges of the paved areas and in the pebble bed.

Porcelain wood-effect plank paving enhanced with sunlight and shadows

Porcelain wood-effect plank paving, enhanced with sunlight and shadows