Garden Design – Your Needs

Our starting point is a discussion with you by telephone to understand the garden design service you would like. We then meet you at your garden to establish what you most want from your new garden design.

Shady Back Garden
Some of the points to think about are:

  • The style and atmosphere of the garden
  • Fitting with the architecture of your home and the buildings around you
  • Fitting with the landscape and environment you are in
  • Maintaining a good balance with wildlife, climate and local ecology
  • Garden safety , local planning and preservation requirements
  • Special access requirements for those less able
  • Play areas and equipment for children
  • Trees and plants that are special for you
  • The amount of maintenance you want to do yourself or have others do
  • Functional needs such as outdoor dining, greenhouse, vegetable growing and parking.
  • Special features – ponds, pergolas & arbours, lighting, barbecue
  • The timing and budget you have in mind to complete the project.

We can plan for the new garden design to be implemented gradually as your needs evolve.  As well as meeting high safety and environmental standards, our designs are based on sustainability including responsibly sourced materials and ‘right plant – right place’ for thriving plants needing less maintenance.